Howdy! I'm Katie, a massage therapist living in California.

I'm a quirky girl. I don't know boundaries and I can be a pervert. I'm really a nice person though, so don't be shy.

I like Supernatural, Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Greys Anatomy, and a few others...but mainly those.

gingerychef replied to your post: carolinaisforlovers: TOMORROW IS NOVEMBER. NO…

But also many, many terrible mustaches

Truuue. Not many men can pull off a┬ámustache. Like Brad Pitt…his mustache was scary at best.

I still think no shave november is totally worth all the bad mustaches though. Mmm sexy beards haha.

  1. gingerychef said: Can’t wait to grow out a glorious gingerbeard
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